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Illinois Workers' Compensation Law

Illinois Workers' Compensation law protects a no-fault compensation system that requires employers to provide financial assistance and benefits to employees who experience on-the-job injuries, diseases, or fatal accidents. Employees in Illinois are eligible for workers' compensation benefits if they are injured on the job or while performing normal job duties. Fault is not considered. As stated in Illinois workers' compensation law, employees who accept these benefits cannot sue their employer, although, in some cases, a suit may be filed against a third party.

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What is Considered a Workers' Compensation Issue?

Essentially, any injury incurred while performing job duties should be covered by workers' compensation. Our personal injury lawyers in Chicago, Illinois represent many cases of on-the-job injuries such as minor accidents; exposure to dangerous chemicals or other hazardous materials; or repeated movements like keyboarding, mouse clicking, or holding a telephone to one's shoulder. If the body isn't allowed appropriate rest between these movements, repetitive strain injuries, including tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome, can develop. If you have experienced workplace related injuries such as these, contact our personal injury lawyers in the Chicago, Illinois area for consultation.

Our personal injury lawyers in Chicago, Illinois can also help clients who have been involved in more serious accidents, such as those that require workers to lift heavy objects, operate large machinery, and perform duties at elevated heights. Although safety practices can decrease a worker's risk of being injured, the employer may be liable for the victim's injuries when a preventable accident occurs through negligence. Even if an employee's injury is covered by workers' compensation, the benefits may be under-allocated.

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