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Many bus accidents have occurred in Chicago and the broader Chicago area.  Many of these accidents have been summarized in the blog, as they have led to serious accident injuries, and in some cases fatalities.  One such Chicago bus accident happened on June 2, 2015, and was discussed in the "CTA Bus Crash At Lake Street And Michigan Avenue" post.  As seen in that post,  one person died and several others were injured, one critically.  The accident occurred after a CTA bus "jumped a curb" and drove onto a sidewalk where there were people.

Many other accidents involving CTA buses have also occurred.  Accidents involving these buses are numerous for many reasons.  Among these reasons is that there are many buses which drive many miles during the routes.  As such, they are likely to be involved in accidents simply due to the miles that are inherently driven.  Other factors also contribute to the likelihood of these buses being in accidents.  They are driven regardless of weather conditions, which may also contribute to the likelihood of accidents.

Of course, many accidents involving CTA buses are not the fault of the CTA bus driver involved.  One example of this is an April 28, 2014 "head-on collision" involving a CTA bus and SUV.  The collision occurred on South Western Avenue near West 50th Street.  This accident is discussed in the "SUV Collides With CTA Bus On Chicago's South Side" post.

In that instance, according to witnesses the SUV crossed the center line before colliding with the bus.  15 people were injured and hospitalized for treatment of their accident injuries. 

Bus accidents can also involve many other types of buses, including municipal buses, school buses, and tour buses.  Due to the capacity of these buses they are often carrying many people at the time an accident occurs.  As such, there is often potential for many people, aside from the bus driver, to be injured during the time of the crash.

Buses, like trucks and other large vehicles, often cause substantial damage to other vehicles they collide with.  Buses are often large and very heavy, and as such the forces transmitted to a smaller vehicle can cause the other vehicle to be heavily damaged.  

Bus accidents can occur for many reasons.  Among these reasons are bus driver error; bus driver drunk driving;  bus driver "drugged driving"; errors or other negligence by other motorists; bus malfunction; and adverse roadway conditions.

Injuries that result due to bus crashes range from what are considered to be "minor injuries" to serious bodily harm, including life-threatening injuries.  

Like other vehicle accidents, those injured in bus crashes often incur substantial medical expenses as well as other ancillary financial hardships.  These hardships can include a range of items, including other bills and lost wages.  Depending upon the nature of the injuries involved, the harm caused by the bus crash can cause temporary or permanent impairments and quality of life issues.

Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC has handled many bus accident injury cases.  We get proven results for those injured during bus crashes.  Through the 25+ years experience we have gained in practicing Illinois personal injury law, we know how to approach a case in order to get the maximum amount of injury compensation.  In many instances where a settlement amount was inadequate, the Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC has proven it can go to court in order to get higher compensation. 

If you have been injured in a bus accident, or represent someone who has died due to being injured in a bus crash, please contact us immediately to discuss the specifics of your case.  This initial legal consultation is provided without charge.

Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC works on Illinois personal injury cases and wrongful death lawsuits on a contingency basis...clients are not charged legal fees unless and until the client receives compensation.

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