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Vehicle-Related Accidents

Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC concentrates in handling personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits that  involve vehicular accidents, such as those involving cars, bikes, SUVs, buses, and motorcycles.  We also handle accident injuries that involve a vehicle hitting someone who is walking (i.e. pedestrian accidents.)

Types of Vehicle-Related Accidents are listed below; please click on a specific category for more information:

Those who have been injured in such accidents may be able to get injury compensation if the accident was another person's fault.  For fatal accidents, relevant parties may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit concerning the death.

For those that have been injured because of someone else's negligent actions, there can be many reasons for filing an injury lawsuit.  One of the primary reasons is to get injury compensation.  Medical costs for treating accident injuries can be very high, even for those who have medical insurance.  These medical costs can include various types of medical care, such as hospitalization and surgeries.  There may also be costs for emergency room (ER) services as well as ambulance charges.

Additionally, various types of testing may be required.  This testing includes diagnostic tests such as CAT scans, MRIs, and x-rays.  Other tests can include blood tests.

At the latter stages of injury treatment, physical and/or occupational therapy may be required.  This rehabilitation seeks to restore functionality to the level that it was previous to the accident.

Additionally, there can be other financial strains that develop due to being hurt.  There may be an inability to work during the injury recovery period.  After a serious injury, there may be an inability to work for weeks or even months.

If the injury causes one or more impairments - which can be physical or cognitive in nature - there may be an inability to do the same type of work on a temporary or permanent basis.

In addition to compensation for past, current, and future medical costs, there can be other types of compensation sought.  Among these other types is compensation for pain and suffering; disfigurement; disabilities; lost wages and lost future income (income impairment).   

There are many steps one should take in order to maximize potential accident injury compensation.   Among these steps are those that address medical and legal issues.  When someone is injured during an accident, it is very important from both a health and legal perspective to get medical treatment for all injuries, as well as to get a thorough medical exam.  This medical exam seeks to identify all injuries, even those that may not be readily apparent right after the accident.  After all injuries have been identified, a course of medical treatment can be identified and implemented.

A personal injury lawyer can identify what steps should be followed by the injured person in order to maximize the potential for injury compensation.  The Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC of Chicago are personal injury trial lawyers that have handled over 10,000 personal injury lawsuits over the last 25+ years.  During this time the firm has established a reputation for its performance, highlighted by various outsized settlements and trial awards.  Tony Elman has been awarded various designations, including being named a "Super Lawyer" by Thomson Reuters.

If you have been involved in an accident in one of the above categories, please contact us immediately to receive a free consultation to discuss your situation. We look forward to assisting you through the post-accident legal process.

Client Reviews
I hired Tony after a car accident in 2014. This entire experience has been handled with the utmost care and attention. One of the most valuable aspects of the working relationship was Tony's ability to explain this complicated legal process and set realistic expectations. I'm very happy with my settlement! Karen Becker
Mr. Elman represented my wife and me after a car accident. A driver ran a red light hitting us, causing us to collide with 2 other cars. The Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC was very professional, courteous, thorough, and caring. The net result was 2 very fair settlements for my wife and me. Thanks Tony!!! Walt and Paula
I hired Anthony (Tony) Elman after the car I was riding in was hit by a driver that fell asleep, crossed the median and flipped over onto our car. That driver was underinsured. Tony was responsive and his follow-through exemplary, resulting in two settlements. Cindy