Hit & Run Accidents

A "Hit & Run" accident occurs when a driver flees the scene of an accident. When there is an automobile accident in Illinois, the driver of each car should stop after an accident and exchange information with relevant parties, such as the other driver and all property owners affected. It is a crime for a driver to flee the scene of an accident.

Many "Hit & Run" accidents include drunk drivers. These drivers flee the scene as they do not want to be arrested for drunk driving, or otherwise be held accountable for their actions.

Other "Hit & Run" accidents involve drivers who fear the ramifications of being involved in accidents, and therefore, flee to avoid involvement.

While many of these accidents involve automobiles, some can include cars colliding with pedestrians as well as bicyclists or motorcycles.

If you are the victim of a "Hit & Run" accident, please contact our offices so we can help you assess your legal options. As we work entirely on a "contingency" basis, there is never a charge for our services unless and until we secure you a monetary award.