Bicycle Accidents

Bicycling in the Chicago area is very popular, as people seek to enjoy the exercise and other benefits of bicycling.

Unfortunately, however, bicycling in the Chicago metropolitan area presents many risks. Streets are generally busy with vehicle traffic, and drivers can be aggressive and, at times, reckless. Some drivers have a condescending and domineering attitude towards bicyclists, as if motorists “own the road.” Adding to the peril of bicycling on roadways is that road conditions are often poor, due to potholes and other roadway deformities.

While some bicycling accidents are minor, such as minor scrapes and bruises, many accidents can be serious. Serious bike accidents can entail bone fractures, back injuries, brain injuries, and paralysis. Many serious bicycle accidents can end in death.

One of the many misconceptions among bicyclists is that they have little or no legal rights on the roadways. This misconception is unfortunate, as many bike accidents are the fault of motorists.

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