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Truck Accidents

Truck accidents routinely occur in Chicago and the Chicago area.  Given Chicago's business and industrial base, as well as extensive amount of expressways and highways, there is substantial truck traffic. 

Due to the typically high weight and size of trucks, truck accidents often cause serious injuries.  There have been many Chicago truck accidents resulting in serious injuries or fatalities.

There are many reasons why truck accidents occur.  One reason is truck driver fatigue.  This fatigue has led to many fatal Chicago-area crashes.  Accidents have happened after the trucker was "drowsy driving" or after the driver fell asleep at the wheel.

Studies have shown that a primary reason for truck accidents is driver error.  Due to the substantial weight of trucks - some fully-loaded semi trucks can approach 80,000 lbs - these trucks have substantial stopping distances.  These stopping distances can be significantly lengthened in adverse weather conditions, such as when snow and ice are present.  Black ice, if present, can be especially problematical.  If a truck can't stop in time before hitting a vehicle ahead of it, serious accident injuries can occur due to the vehicle being "rear-ended" by the semi truck.

There are various other causes of truck accidents.  Like other accidents, speeding, driver distraction, driver impairment by drugs and/or alcohol, and other factors can all be contributing factors in truck accidents.

As well, poor truck maintenance such as worn tires and other improper truck maintenance can be a potential source of crashes.  There have been many accidents that have happened after an item such as cargo, or truck equipment, such as tire treads, have fallen off of trucks and have hit a vehicle traveling behind.  

Injuries stemming from truck accidents vary both in type and severity.  If a truck collides with another vehicle, the other vehicle's occupants can be injured in many different ways.  Among common injuries are broken bones; chest trauma; brain injuries; and spinal injuries.  These injuries often require a significant amount of medical care.  Depending upon the injury and its severity, hospitalization, medical tests (such as CT scans and MRIs), and one or more surgeries may be required.  As well, there may be a need for various types of rehabilitation such as physical therapy (PT) and/or occupational therapy.  If the injuries are permanent injuries, there may be a need for substantial long-term medical care.

In addition to the difficult situation created by these injuries, there are often significant, if not substantial, medical bills.  These medical bills may be (very) high even if the injured person has health insurance.  These medical bills can create financial hardships for the injured person.

Adding to the financial difficulties is that the injured person may not be able to work during the injury recovery period.  Depending upon the injuries and the type of work the injured person does, there may be an inability (either temporarily or permanently) to return to the same type of work.

Due to various issues, including the medical bills, those who have been injured in a truck accident often seek to file a personal injury lawsuit in order to get injury compensation.  This injury compensation seeks to get money for the injuries and other harm resulting from the negligence of the truck driver and/or other relevant parties. For truck accidents that have resulted in a fatality, relevant parties may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the decedent (i.e. person who died.) 

The potential types and amounts of injury compensation varies depending upon the specific characteristics of the accident and the resulting injuries and other harm.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a truck accident or other accident, the personal injury trial lawyers at the Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC offer a free legal consultation.  This free legal consultation is provided by Tony Elman, the Lead Trial Attorney of the Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC.  He can be reached at (773) 392-8182 at any time.

The Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC has handled over 10,000 personal injury lawsuits over the last 25+ years.  It has a proven capability of getting compensation for those who have been injured due to the negligence or carelessness of others.  During the last 25+ years, the Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC has a proven capability of getting attractive verdicts and settlements for its clients.  

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