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Speeding Drivers And The Accidents They Cause

As seen in many Illinois accidents, motorists that drive at excessive speeds often cause accidents.  These speeding drivers often injure others due to their negligence.  Driving at excessive speeds also increases the likelihood that injuries will be of a greater severity, including those that prove life-threatening in nature.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) over the last two decades speeding has been involved in roughly one-third of all traffic fatalities.

There are various reasons as to why speeding drivers are likely to crash.  Speeding often leads to a loss of vehicle control.  Various roadway characteristics can also contribute to the loss of control, such as taking a curve at excessive speeds.  Once a driver loses control of a vehicle, the possibility of a crash significantly increases.  The vehicle can collide with another vehicle, or leave the roadway at which point it can crash into a tree, pole or other fixed object.

As well, driving at higher speeds means that the driver has less reaction time to adapt to changing conditions.  For example, if a driver is engaged in high-speed driving, there is less time to react if someone suddenly decides to walk across the street.
Another issue that may be highly problematical to a speeding motorist is road hazards.  There are various types of road hazards.  These road hazards can suddenly appear.  One such example is cargo that falls off of a vehicle.  A speeding motorist may have very little opportunity to avoid hitting the object ahead.

One activity that inherently leads to high-speed driving is street racing and drag racing.  These activities often occur on streets that aren't designed for safe driving at high speeds.  As well, there is often regular vehicle traffic present.  Given these dynamics, it is possible if not likely that a crash can occur.  As seen in various Chicago-area street racing accidents, innocent parties have been seriously hurt if not fatally injured due to the actions of the street racers.

Another hazard of speeding is that it is a contributing factor in rollover accidents.  While such vehicle rollovers happens when various conditions are present, traveling at higher speeds are a key factor.  Rollover accidents are notable in many regards.  Vehicle occupants are often subjected to very strong and unnatural forces as the vehicle rolls over.  If the people inside the vehicle are not wearing seat belts they can be partially or fully ejected (thrown from) the vehicle, which often leads to serious and possibly life-threatening injuries.
Traveling at excessive speeds is especially problematical for motorcyclists.  Due to the inherent stability needed to maintain control of the motorcycle, a loss of control is especially hazardous for motorcycle riders.  Loss of motorcycle control continues to be a leading cause of Illinois motorcycle accidents.  This loss of control is more likely to happen if the rider is traveling at an excessive rate of speed.  As seen in many Illinois motorcycle accidents and statistics, injuries stemming from loss of motorcycle control are often serious, if not fatal, in nature.

What To Do If Injured By A Speeding Driver

There are various steps one should immediately after injured in an accident.  These steps are meant to protect the health of the vehicle occupants.  As well, if the crash was caused by another person, accident compensation may be available to people injured.

An injured person should take immediate steps to safeguard health.  There are a broad range of accident injuries that can occur during vehicle accidents. 
It is recommended that after being hurt in an accident a thorough medical exam is performed.  This medical exam serves multiple purposes.  It is usually conducted in a hospital emergency room.  The exam can identify all injuries, including those that may not be readily apparent to the injured person.  Some accident injuries can be very serious in nature but may not exhibit symptoms for some time after an accident.
If this type of serious injury is not properly and promptly treated, it can lead to an adverse medical condition which, in the worse case scenarios, may become life-threatening.  Among the serious injuries for which there may be delayed onset symptoms include severe traumatic brain injuries and internal bleeding.

After all injuries are identified and assessed, a proper course of medical treatment can be administered.  The medical treatment will vary according to the type and severity of the injuries.

This medical treatment often generates medical bills that can be significant if not substantial in nature.   As well, there are often other financial burdens placed on the injured person.  Among these burdens is a possible loss of income if the person is not able to work during the injury recovery period.  If the injuries are those of a permanent nature, the injured person may not be able to return to the same job.  
Various expenses may also be generated by the accident.  Compensation for the damaged vehicle, ambulance charges, and other miscellaneous expenses can occur.

If the accident was the fault of another person, the injured person may be able to collect injury compensation.  This money is meant as reimbursement for the bills, expenses, and other harm that has occurred due to the injuries incurred.  Many people seek to collect this compensation through the filing of a personal injury lawsuit.  In accidents which have resulted in a death, relevant parties can file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the injured person.

The Elman Joseph Law Group has been handling Illinois personal injury lawsuits for over 25 years.  As well, the firm handles wrongful death lawsuits.  During this time, the firm has achieved many notable settlements and court verdicts for its clients.  Due to these accomplishments the lawyers have received various awards and designations.

Tony Elman, the Lead Trial Attorney of the Elman Law Group, offers a free initial legal consultation to those that have been injured.  He can be reached at any time at 773-392-8182 or via email at

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