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Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip & fall accidents can happen at a variety of locations, including anywhere there are stairs, walkways, sidewalks, or parking lots. Residential and commercial real estate buildings, grocery stores, retailers, and office buildings are common problem areas.

Slip & fall accidents have different causes, including the following:

  • Poorly maintained areas/improperly maintained areas
  • Ice buildups
  • Damaged stairs
  • Poorly lit areas
  • Building Code violations
  • Liquids on floors that cause one to slip
  • Cracked or uneven sidewalks and walkways

Another related injury is "trip and fall" accidents, which often involves unsafe surface conditions such as broken sidewalks and poorly maintained streets

Slip & fall accidents can cause a broad range of accident injuries.  Among the most common are bruises, sprains, and broken bones.  However, other more serious injuries such as those to the back and spinal column can also occur.

Among the potentially most serious injuries are head injuries.  These head injuries, also referred to as traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can range from minor concussions that typically cause temporary issues to more significant head trauma that may prove to be life-threatening.  For serious head injuries that are non-fatal in nature, semi-permanent and permanent impairments can result.  Even minor concussions can require significant amounts of testing to determine the extent and severity of the injury.  For serious head trauma, extensive testing, hospitalization, and possible surgeries may be required.  As well, serious brain injuries may require an extensive rehabilitation period which can take many forms.

These slip & fall accidents can cause a range of adverse health consequences that require medical treatment.

In situations in which the accident and injuries was caused by another person or party, those who have been injured may be able to file a lawsuit to collect compensation for the accident injuries.  Often, this money is needed by the plaintiff as there can be many expenses and other financial strains that accompany the injuries.  Among the largest financial expenses is that of medical costs. This medical treatment can be expensive, even for those who have health insurance.  Deductibles and medical treatments that aren't covered by insurance can be significant over the course of treatment.  As well, in many cases the person injured will not be able to work for a period of time.  If this inability to work is prolonged in nature, it can cause a significant loss of income.  In cases where there are permanent injuries or significant impairment caused by the injuries, the person may not be able to return to the same job. 

There are various categories for which injury compensation may be available.  Among these categories are:

  • Compensation for current and future medical bills 
  • Compensation for pain and suffering 
  • Remuneration for lost wages 
  • Repayment of miscellaneous expenses

The amount of the monetary award for the injuries and other harm that has occurred depends on many different factors, including the type and severity of the injuries, any permanent injuries and/or types of impairments, and the quality of the legal representation.

The Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC has extensive experience in handling lawsuits in which people have been injured due to the negligence of others. This compensation can be attained either by the settlement of a lawsuit or through a court verdict.

This experience includes slip & fall injuries. Among the cases the Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC has handled is an accident in which a woman slipped and fell in a bakery.  The woman suffered a rotator cuff injury.  After the Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC took the case to court, the woman was awarded $746,000 in Cook County court.

If you have been hurt during an Illinois accident, please contact Tony Elman, the Lead Trial Attorney of the Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC, at (773) 392-8182 to discuss injuries and to explore how to get compensated for the injuries and other harm that has occurred.

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I hired Tony after a car accident in 2014. This entire experience has been handled with the utmost care and attention. One of the most valuable aspects of the working relationship was Tony's ability to explain this complicated legal process and set realistic expectations. I'm very happy with my settlement! Karen Becker
Mr. Elman represented my wife and me after a car accident. A driver ran a red light hitting us, causing us to collide with 2 other cars. The Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC was very professional, courteous, thorough, and caring. The net result was 2 very fair settlements for my wife and me. Thanks Tony!!! Walt and Paula
I hired Anthony (Tony) Elman after the car I was riding in was hit by a driver that fell asleep, crossed the median and flipped over onto our car. That driver was underinsured. Tony was responsive and his follow-through exemplary, resulting in two settlements. Cindy