Pedestrian Accidents

Walking (and running) is popular in the Chicago area, both on and near streets as well as on a number of paths and trails.

While many people enjoy walking, frequently walking can entail risks. These risks often increase when walking is done in and around traffic, which has been the setting for a number of recent accidents in Chicago and outlying areas. While, in theory, traffic safety rules, crosswalks and traffic signals should provide a safe environment for walkers, in many instances even walkers who try to walk safely and follow traffic rules can be involved in pedestrian accidents, often for reasons beyond their control.

As seen in Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) crash data, in the year 2012 there were 2,776 pedestrian accidents in Chicago, in which 43 involved fatalities. Of these 2,776 accidents, 2,665 involved accident injuries.

For the entire State of Illinois, in the year 2013 there were 4,895 total pedestrian crashes, with 124 fatal accidents and 4,562 instances of accident injuries. While the statistics indicate that the majority of the fatal accidents happen at night, a significant number happen during daylight hours.

As seen in the statistics mentioned above, unlike other vehicle accidents, a very high percentage of pedestrian accidents result in accident injuries, many severe. Of course, this has to do with pedestrians having little protection when impact occurs.

If you are injured in a pedestrian accident, there are a number of recommended steps. First, it is critical that you get an immediate comprehensive medical exam from a qualified medical professional. Even if you don't believe that you are injured, you should still get this exam performed, as many injuries (and their symptoms) may not be apparent after an accident, even if the injuries are serious in nature. There are many injuries that may have occurred, yet don't seem (immediately) apparent.

Actions should also be taken to protect your legal rights and ability to attain appropriate compensation for your accident injuries and other harm that may have occurred. Many people opt to retain a personal injury attorney to handle claims for accident compensation. It is important to immediately retain a qualified personal injury attorney, as there are many recommended actions that should be taken in a timely manner if you hope to maximize your ability to attain injury compensation.

Types of compensation in pedestrian accident injury litigation can include compensation for medical costs; pain; suffering; disability; disfigurement; lost wages; and other economic damages.

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