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Motorcycle Accidents

Many people find riding a motorcycle to be enjoyable. However, for many reasons, riding a motorcycle can be hazardous. Statistics indicate that annual Illinois fatal motorcycle crashes since 2010 have been over 140 and in 2017 were 158. As well, total Illinois motorcycle accidents that have resulted in injuries were over 2,400 for years 2011-2015.

Motorcycle accidents that happen in the Chicago area as well as throughout Illinois are generally either the fault of another driver or third party, or the fault of the motorcyclist.

A large percentage of Illinois motorcycle accidents are the fault of another motorist. Many of these accidents occur because the motorist “fails to see” the motorcyclist, and collides with the motorcycle. One type of motorcycle accident – that has caused many fatal crashes – is when a motorist attempts to make a left-hand turn immediately in front of an oncoming motorcyclist and in doing so collides with the motorcycle. This type of “head-on collision” tends to result in very serious accident injuries as well as fatalities because of the tremendous physical forces involved and the resulting high amounts of trauma experienced by the motorcycle rider and, if applicable, motorcycle passenger.

Other types of Illinois motorcycle accidents in which a motorist “fails to see” a motorcycle is when a motorist fails to see an oncoming motorcycle as the motorist attempts to make a right-hand turn onto a street and a collision occurs.

Other types of motorcycle accidents that are not the fault of the motorcyclist are due to various types of road hazards. While there are many types of potential road hazards that may cause a motorcycle crash, one type is a large pothole or other road deformity that if hit by the motorcycle can cause instability and a motorcycle crash.

Crashes that are the fault of the motorcycle rider often occur after the motorcyclist is riding while intoxicated. Other causes of motorcycle crashes that are the fault of the motorcyclist occur because of loss of control of the motorcycle. This loss of control can occur due to many reasons. However, one of the primary reasons for loss of control is due to riding at excessive speed.

Regardless of the cause of a motorcycle accident, injuries that result from motorcycle accidents are often serious, if not life-threatening in nature. While there are a range of injuries that can occur which can vary in severity, typical injuries include broken bones, head injuries, thoracic trauma, back injuries, neck and spinal cord trauma, abrasions, bleeding, and soft tissue damage.

These injuries can cause significant hardships to the injured rider, and also cause substantial financial issues due to medical costs as well as the potential for temporary or permanent lost income.

The Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC handles Illinois motorcycle accident lawsuits for those motorcyclists and motorcycle passengers who have been hurt. As well, the Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC handles wrongful death lawsuits in instances where the motorcyclist has died due to injuries.

The Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC has established a reputation for getting attractive monetary compensation for those who have been injured in motorcycle accidents and other personal injury lawsuits. In cases where a settlement offer is not adequate, the Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC has a proven capability of achieving attractive court verdicts for those who have been injured.

If you have been hurt during an Illinois motorcycle accident, please contact Tony Elman, Lead Trial Attorney of the Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC, to discuss the accident and explore how to get compensated for your accident injuries.

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I hired Tony after a car accident in 2014. This entire experience has been handled with the utmost care and attention. One of the most valuable aspects of the working relationship was Tony's ability to explain this complicated legal process and set realistic expectations. I'm very happy with my settlement! Karen Becker
Mr. Elman represented my wife and me after a car accident. A driver ran a red light hitting us, causing us to collide with 2 other cars. The Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC was very professional, courteous, thorough, and caring. The net result was 2 very fair settlements for my wife and me. Thanks Tony!!! Walt and Paula
I hired Anthony (Tony) Elman after the car I was riding in was hit by a driver that fell asleep, crossed the median and flipped over onto our car. That driver was underinsured. Tony was responsive and his follow-through exemplary, resulting in two settlements. Cindy