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Drug-Impaired Driver Crashes

Drug-impaired driving has been increasing in recent past years.  Whereas there is still a substantial amount of drunk driving, in recent years a substantial amount of impaired driving has involved drivers who have used drugs.

There are a broad range of drugs that drug-impaired drivers have used.  Among the most common drugs are marijuana, cocaine, heroin and crystal meth.  However, many other drugs can also cause a dangerous level of driver impairment.

If someone uses these drugs prior to or during driving, the resulting level of impairment can vary depending upon many different factors.  The type and amount of drugs used is a primary factor.  Drugs vary on the level of impairment they cause, especially with regard to one's ability to safely drive a vehicle. 
Other factors that can impact the level of impairment is whether two or more drugs are used (called "mixed drug use") as well as whether alcohol is consumed along with the drug use.  If mixed drug use occurs and/or alcohol is consumed the resulting level of impairment can be increased, perhaps significantly.

While the frequency of such drug-impaired driving occurs is, for many reasons, difficult to pinpoint, accident statistics indicate that drug-impairment continues to be a foremost accident cause. 
In addition to drug use, there are other intoxicants that can cause impairment.  One such method to become intoxicated is the use of inhalants.  These inhalants produce vapors that, if inhaled, can cause mind-altering effects.

There are many reasons why such drug use can cause the motorist to lose control and cause an accident.  Drug use can impair motor skills and physical coordination.  It can also negatively impact the driver's ability to assess the overall driving situation.  For instance, the impaired driver's perception of distance and time can be altered to a degree that increases the probability of a collision.

Given the potential magnitude of impairment caused by drug use, accidents involving drug-impaired drivers can be very serious in nature.  The collisions involved can be of a highly forceful nature.  This is especially likely if the impaired driver is driving at a highly excessive speed.  In addition to this amount of force, other characteristics of the accident can compound the seriousness of resulting accident injuries.  The physical forces involved can subject vehicle occupants to unnatural forces.  An example of this is when a vehicle is "rear-ended," i.e. a vehicle that is stopped or slowing is hit from behind by the vehicle behind it.  In this type of accident, the vehicle occupants in the stopped or slowing vehicle can suffer a range of injuries, including whiplash.  

One such accident allegedly involving a drug-impaired driver occurred in Prospect Heights in 2016.  In this accident one car "rear-ended" another car.

Many injuries resulting from drug-impaired driving tend to be of a very serious nature.  Fatalities can and do occur in these accidents.  One such impaired driver accident occurred in Chicago's Brighton Park neighborhood in July 2016.  This accident resulted in a fatality.  This accident occurred as a driver was traveling at high speed.  The driver was said to be impaired due to drinking and the use of PCP prior the crash.

As well, there have been many accidents involving drivers behind the wheel when "high" in the broader Chicago area, such as the suburbs.  As well, these accidents have occurred throughout Illinois.

What To Do If Injured During An Accident

Steps to immediately take if you have been injured in an accident are discussed on the "10 Steps You Should Follow After An Auto Accident" page.

As discussed above, drivers who drive while impaired by drug use often cause serious accidents.  The resulting injuries range in both type and severity.  Often, these injuries require significant amount of medical care.  This medical care can include testing (such as CT scans, X-rays, and MRIs); wound care; burn treatment;  hospitalization; surgeries; and rehabilitation including physical and occupational therapy. 

Given the likely need for medical care, there will likely be significant if not substantial medical bills.  While the amount of these medical bills will depend upon various factors, the injured person will likely want these medical bills to be reimbursed.

As well, the injured person will likely face other financial issues resulting from the accident.  For example, the person may not be able to work for a time during the injury recovery.  This may cause a loss of income.  As well, there can be other financial issues, such as the damage to the vehicle as well as any ambulance charges.

Those who have been injured during an accident that was not their fault often seek to get injury compensation through the filing of a personal injury lawsuit.  This personal injury lawsuit can seek compensation for various reasons, such as past, present, and future medical bills.  As well, there are other issues that may be eligible, including lost income, pain & suffering, and ambulance charges.

In accidents where someone is fatally injured, relevant parties can seek compensation on behalf of the person killed through the filing of a wrongful death lawsuit.

Tony Elman, the Lead Trial Attorney of the Elman Joseph Law Group, LLC offers a free legal consultation for those who have been injured.  During this consultation he can provide an overview of the legal process to get compensation as well as answer questions.  He can be reached at any time at 773-392-8182, or at

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